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Technology Essays

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Social Media as Emerging Technology

Online social networks are forums whereby people can meet new individuals, network and initiate or maintain contact with old acquaintances through…

Global Warming: Technical Solutions

This paper evaluates the available technological solutions to ameliorate global warming by presenting the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Home Energy Management System

In order to improve electricity consumption keeping in view of consumer’s need there should be an optimum solution. Different optimization techniques…

Human Gait Analysis and Recognition

Gait, as a promising unintrusive biometric, has attracted several researchers in recent years. In intelligent surveillance, the advantage of…

Design Limitations for Speakers

There are many factors which determine the characteristics of a loudspeaker; to produce a successful design a careful balance of many factors must…

Internet Television: History and Future

In the following discussion, the researcher shall explore how this historical revolution has come about, current development and future challenges.

Applications of Group Technology

If group technology is being fully utilized, not only the operation and manufacturing process can be improved, but the global economy of the country…

Context Aware Academic Planner Design

The aim of this paper is to determine the context aware to be considered to develop academic planner by doing literature review on previous papers…

Image Segmentation: Theories and Technology

Image segmentation techniques can be broadly classified based on certain characteristics. Basic classifications of image segmentation techniques…

Technology of Ultrasound Scans

Sound is a mechanical wave that travels through an elastic medium. Ultrasound (US) is sound at a frequency beyond 20 000 Hz, the limit of human hearing.

Inventions From Romania

Romanians helped medicine to develop. For example, Nicolae Paulescu, the Romanian physiologist is the inventor of insulin, a very controversial…

Effect of Technology on Social Interaction

It is an undeniable fact that the contemporary technologies, particularly the invention of the internet, has transfigured the way people live, work…

Long Term Evolution (LTE) Technology

The first section of the article presents the evolution of the 3GPP-LTE, while the second section lists the physical performance targets as defined by…

Differences Between Virtual and Real Worlds

The concept of the virtual has been around for much longer than the technology which now makes the virtual part of our lives. In various forms, such…

Effects of Violent Video Games | Essay

The foundation of violence in computer games stems from the fascination with violence as spawned by the movies as well as television.

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